A kind gesture- Diwali 2014

Serangoon road in Singapore; well known as Little India of Singapore and a haven of shopping for Indians overflows with shoppers especially during major festivals like Diwali and Navratri.

Yesterday ie 21st Oct 2014, the eve of Diwali day was no exception. There was hardly an inch of space to move. I had gone there for the last minute shopping for flowers for the Diwali prayers. Crowds thronged each shop as if they were providing freebies. My aunt and I managed to quickly finish our shopping dreading at the prospect of finding a cab and reaching home on time.

We headed to the taxi stand in Race course road around 2.15pm to see about 10/12 people waiting ahead of us in the queue with loads of shopping. Many taxis were going to some predestined areas, so the availability of taxis were getting very limited. People were anxiously waiting for cabs to reach home at the earliest. Many times during such crowded periods, I have observed people don’t follow rules and tend to just get a cab midway on the road when many people are waiting for hours in the taxi stand. Some of them from behind the queue just take the cab when they know it is proceeding to their destination without even people in the front knowing where the cab is proceeding to. But yesterday the scene was different. I saw a good Samaritan direct and help the people waiting in the queue.

She was a kind Singaporean lady who was hailing each cab towards the front, looking out for the people from the right destinations, helping out people to load their stuff and managing the crowd so efficiently. She saw to it that everyone got the cab and were seated in comfortably. She cheerfully greeted everyone ‘Happy Diwali’ . I was touched by her kind act of waiting for such long hours and helping people to get the cabs and reach home on time. While standing in the queue I managed to click some snaps of her helping out; I share the same here. When it was our turn for the cab; I thanked her profusely and asked her name. Her reply was; “No need le, just enjoy your Deepavali. Wish you a very happy Deepavali.”


I wanted to share this kind act with all of you to make us all realise there are so many people around us who act selflessly and help out others. We should always be grateful and thankful to such people and pass the kind act around. When we find any such opportunity to help people in need we should try to be a part of it and make a difference.

I don’t know if someone is usually assigned for this role as I have not seen it any time before in so many years of my living here. Even if she was assigned for this role, she performed her duty with utmost love and sincerity, which one should learn from such people. I appreciate her kind gesture. Thank you, my fellow Singaporean. IMG_5656



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  1. Sangeeta Ghosh Dastidar
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 10:57:08

    Such acts make us believe that the world is definitely a blessed place despite the malice! We see good in others when we ourselves are clear within our consciousness, thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family the very best this festive season. Kindly pass on the same to Sridhar too!


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