Rich man seeking peace of mind

Value- Peace

Sub value- Gratitude, counting one’s blessings

A very rich man became bored with life because he had known all the pleasures, all the joys that money could purchase, but they were not truly satisfying. He was still thirsty and hungry for something authentic. He was seeking the great peace  from sages and saints; though he had tried their rituals, worship, prayer, nothing worked.

The man in his quest for peace went to another saint, relentlessly pestered the saint  about his misery – “Time is passing, life is limited, and what kind of saint are you? You cannot show me the right path. And I have twenty-four hours to devote to it; I don’t have to work to earn money or anything, I don’t have children, and I have earned so much money that it is enough for ten lives at least.” The saint in sheer desperation  sent him to a Sufi master who was thought to be a little bit insane, and to whom many sages were sent their disciples; when they wanted be get rid of them.  Insanity was the guise of the  wise Sufi master.


The rich man took a big bag, filled it with diamonds and rubies and emeralds and sapphires; and went to the Sufi who was sitting under a tree. He told the Sufi his whole story… that he was very miserable, he had everything that the world can afford. “I have brought, just to give you a proof, this whole bag worth millions. All I need is peace of mind.” The Sufi said, “I will give it to you. Get ready!” The rich man thought, “This man seems to be strange. I have been to so many saints – nobody was so quick, and nobody promised to give it to me. They all said, `Go through this ritual, this worship, this prayer, this meditation. Work it out yourself.’ This is the only man… perhaps, they are right that he is insane. He is saying, `Get ready. Don’t waste my time!’

“So hesitatingly he said, “Okay, I’m ready.” But he was very afraid – although he had come to get peace of mind. And when the man said he was ready, the Sufi master snatched the bag odf precious  stones, and ran.

It was a small village with small streets with which the Sufi was perfectly acquainted.  The rich man who had never walked, ran behind the Sufi master shouting, “I have been cheated! This man is not a sage. He’s not insane, he’s very cunning.”  Trying his best to catch the Sufi, he  ran panting and puffing as fast as his legs would carry him; but to no avail as the Sufi ran swiftly winding his way through every turn and street in the village . The old rich  man was fat – huffing, puffing, perspiring, crying – and the whole crowd was laughing at this merry chase. The rich man could not understand why the villagers were laughing, and nobody was helping! But the villagers knew that the Sufi was not insane instead he was extremely wise . He had his own way of doing things.

Finally, the rich man reached  the same tree  from where this chase had begun. The Sufi had reached long ago; he was sitting with the bag of precious stones. The rich man  soon was shouting, and abusing the Sufi. The Sufi calmly looked and sternly said, “Stop all this nonsense! Take this bag.”

The man took the bag immediately, and the Sufi asked, “How are you feeling now?” He said, “I’m feeling great peace.”

The Sufi said, “That’s what I was telling you. If you are ready, I can give you peace immediately. Have you got it?”

He said, “I have got it!”

“Never again ask anybody about it!” You have started taking for granted all your riches. I gave you a chance to lose them, and suddenly you became what you really are – a beggar. And these very precious stones which have lost their value to you are again precious.”



The people who live in palaces start taking those palaces for granted; the people who are rich never think about the miseries of poverty. The people who have got a master start taking him for granted – that there is nothing to be done; you only have to ask the question and your master is there to answer it. Value and treasure the things and gift life has given you. Golden Future


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