Managing Time


Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Effective use of time


There was once a boy who was so obsessed with watching TV or telly ; that wherever he went, he would arrive late. He was so keen to return to the telly that he never finished his breakfast or anything.

One day, in his post-box, was a mysterious parcel. Inside the parcel were some special spectacles, along with a piece of paper saying,

-“With these you’ll be able to see time”.

The boy didn’t understand. He put the glasses on, looked at his brother and saw an enormous pile of flowers on top of his head. The flowers were falling down to the ground, one by one. And it wasn’t just his brother. Whenever he looked at anyone through those glasses, exactly the same was happening. And according to how that person behaved, the pile gained or lost flowers.

The next morning, while having his breakfast, the boy remembered his glasses. Putting them on, he was horrified to see that, coming from his own pile, was a constant stream of flowers going in the direction of the television. Not only that, but the television now had an enormous mouth, and was ferociously gobbling up all the flowers.

And everywhere he went he would see wild-looking televisions devouring flowers.

Finally, after realising what televisions actually are, the boy decided he would never again allow them to eat up all his time.


It is said, “Time waste if life waste.” We must not waste time in meaningless activities. Let’s use our time wisely. It is especially important for students to know how to manage time. Time once gone will not come back. Television and Computer takes up so much time in most people’s lives that they are not interested in completing their duty, task at hand, making friends, spend time with the family etc. Let us watch out and curtail our TV and computer time and use our time productively.




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