The Stone Cutter

Stone cutterValue- Right Conduct

Sub value- Believe in yourself, Contentment

Once upon a time there lived a stone-cutter in a small village. All day long he worked hard, cutting and chiseling the hard stones into shapes and statues as requested  by his customers. His hands were hard and his clothes were dirty. One day he set out to work on a big stone, it was  hard  and tiring to work on a hot sunny day. After spending several hours cutting and chipping away at the stone, he sat down in the shade and soon fell asleep. A while later, he heard sound of people approaching. Walking up he saw a long procession of soldiers ,attendants and in the middle, in a palanquin, carried by strong people was the king .

How wonderful it must be to be the great king thought the stone-cutter . “How happy I would be if I were the king instead of a poor stone cutter!”  As he said these words, a strange thing happened. The stone-cutter found himself dressed in silk clothes and shining jewels. His hands were soft and he was sitting in a comfortable palanquin. He looked through the curtains and thought, how easy it is to be a king, with  people to serve. The procession moved on and the sun grew hot. The stone-cutter ,now the king ,became too warm for comfort. He asked the procession to stop so that he could rest for some time .At once the chief of the soldiers bent before the king and said,”Your Majesty, only this morning you swore to have me hanged to death if we did not reach the palace before the sun set”.
The stone-cutter felt sorry for him and ordered the procession to go on its way again.As the afternoon wore on, the sun grew hotter, and the king became more and more uncomfortable.

I am powerful, it is true, but more powerful than me, is the sun, he thought,  I would rather be the sun than a king !! At once, he became the sun ,shining down on the earth. His new power was hard to control. He shone too strongly, he burnt up the fields with his rays and turned the ocean into vapour and formed a great cloud which covered the land. No matter how hard he shone, he could not see through the clouds.

It is obvious that the clouds were even stronger and more powerful than sun thought, the stone cutter, who was now the sun. I would rather be a cloud, he wished. Suddenly he found himself transformed into a huge dark cloud. He started using his new power. He poured rain down on the fields and caused floods. All the trees and houses were swept away but a boulder, which once he had been cutting when he was a stone cutter was unmoved and unchanged. However much he poured down on the stone it did not move.

Why that rock is more powerful than I am thought, the stone-cutter, who was now a cloud. Only a stone-cutter could transform the rock by his skill. How I wish I were a stone-cutter!
No sooner he said the words that he found himself sitting on a stone with hard and rough hands. He picked up his tools and set to work on a boulder, happily.


The other side of the pasture is always greener. You are best at what you do. Many times you are in the best place though you think otherwise. Everything happens for your best.

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