Don’t desire to walk when you have wings to fly

Value- Right Conduct

Sub Value- Persistent efforts, Determination, realising one’s potential

Once upon a time there lived a generous, kind-hearted king. He was fond of birds and animals had a huge bird sanctuary in his reign. He disliked harming the animals and birds and even did not kill them for the sake of eating meat.

Owing to his generosity and kindness towards animals and birds, he was gifted two beautiful falcons by his fellow businessman. Those two falcons belonged to different place and lived in a different climatic condition.

The king thanked the businessman and ordered the bird trainer to provide all the facilities to those beautiful falcons and make them feel comfortable in their country.

The trainer took the birds and provided all essentials to help the birds adapt to the atmosphere. Gradually, the birds adapted to the country’s atmosphere.

One day the king wanted to see the falcons fly as he heard that one of those falcons fly to great heights in a very high speed. The king was quite surprised to see the bird fly so high and rewarded the bird trainer with bagful of gold coins. He enquired about the other falcon bird. The trainer stated with regret that the other falcon did not move even a step from the day one and just sat on the branch. The trainer also added that he tried everything best he could do and he failed to make this bird move.

two falcons

The king consoled him and told the trainer that he would bring someone who is more experienced than him or a wise old man who knew about falcons.

The king started looking around for a person who could make this falcon fly. Hearing about this, an old man reached King’s place and assured him that he would make the bird fly like the other one.

The king asked the trainer to take the old man to the sanctuary to train the falcon and he told that he would visit them the next day to see if there was any change.

Next day, the king was very surprised to see the other falcon fly like the first one to great heights in rapid speed. The king was too happy and rewarded the old man.

The king was curious to know how this bird could fly within a day after not having moved from the branch so long. The old man simply replied, ‘I just cut down the branch of the tree where this falcon bird sat.’


Many of us are like this. We have wings to fly, we know how to fly, and where to fly still we sit doing nothing. We all get into our comfort zone and don’t want to put extra efforts. Only when we are forced into a situation we act. If we adapt to the changes, make use of the opportunities, put efforts we can achieve greater heights. Otherwise life will just pass by without doing anything meaningful and realising our innate potential.






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