Story about the flute of Krishna

Value- Love

Sub value- Surrender, Faith

There is a beautiful story about the flute of Krishna. We all know Krishna always holds a flute in his hand, but there is a great story behind it. Everyday Krishna would go in the garden and say to all the plants, “I love you”. The plants were very happy and responded back and said “Krishna, we love You, too”.

Krishna with flute

One day Krishna rushed quickly into the garden very alarmed. He went to the bamboo plant and the bamboo plant asked, “Krishna, what´s wrong with you?” Krishna said “I have something to ask you, but it is very difficult”. The bamboo said “Tell me, if I can, I will give it to you”. So Krishna said “I need your life. I need to cut you”. The bamboo thought for a while and then said “Don´t you have any other choice. Don’t you have any other way?” Krishna said, “No, no other way”. And it said “OK, I surrender to you”.

While Krishna cut the bamboo and made holes in it, the bamboo  cried out in pain,  as carving holes hurt the bamboo  a lot.  After enduring all that pain and suffering,  bamboo found itself  transformed into a beautiful flute by Krishna’s chiseling. And this flute was with Krishna all the time, 24 hours a day.

Even the Gopis were jealous of the flute. They said, “Look, Krishna is our Lord, but yet we get to spend only some time with him. He wakes up with you, He sleeps with you, all the time you are with him”. So one day they asked the bamboo, “Tell us the secret of it. What secret do you have, that the Lord treasures you so much?”

And the bamboo said “The secret is that I´m empty inside. And the Lord does whatever he wants with me, whenever he wants with me and however he wants with me”.

So this is complete surrender: where God can do whatever He wants with you, whenever He wants, as He wants. And for that you don’t need to be scared, you know, you have just to give yourself. And who is yourself in reality? It’s just Him!


God knows what is right for us. He has planned the best for us. Once we do our best, let us just leave it to Him. We have a limited vision. We are afraid of trials and tribulations, little realising that it is for our good interest in time to come. When we have the complete surrender to the Lord, He takes over and gives us only the best.



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