On Ego, craving for attention

It is disheartening to see that so many adults, so called successful people, celebrities included, continue to do things only to seek attention.  They never outgrow the clutches of their ego. By its very nature, ego needs feeding and hence it is a perpetual beggar. The problem with ego is that when ego is fed, you struggle with a superiority complex, and when ego is starved, you suffer from an inferiority complex. Either way it robs you of your peace of mind. The price ego asks of you to be your motivator is your peace of mind. Why would you sell your hair to buy a comb?

With ego, you are struggling all the time to win over the situation; you want to get better of others. When you transcend ego, you just want to win over yourself; you want to make most of your own potential.

Everyone goes through this phase of life where the ego drives one to do anything and everything only to get noticed and recognized. It’s is a phase when good is good only when it gains attention; even bad is good if it can draw attention, and ironically, even good is bad if it fails to attract attention. The ego survives on gaining attention. But then, one must outgrow that phase of life.

When ego comes, everything else goes.  When ego goes, everything comes.

How many precious relationships have been lost in order to satisfy one’s ego? While we should have dropped the ego and saved the relationship, we ended up dropping the relationship and saving ego. Ego is never worth the losses.

How many golden opportunities have been missed while we were busy servicing our ego? Every moment is heavy, every situation is nerve-racking, every interaction is tense… an ego-filled heart is always walking on fire. Never can there be a moment of marriage between ego and ease.

A crow carrying a piece of meat found itself being chased by all the other birds. It dropped the piece of meat, and all the birds went after the meat. Now, alone in the sky, the crow remarked, “In losing that piece of meat, I gained the freedom of the skies.”

There is enormous freedom in letting your ego go.

Mahatria- Infinithoughts Magazine- May 2014



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