Hallmark of Humility

Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Humility, forbearance

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was an extremely humble person and many a times it was this part of his nature that inspired others. Several incidents and anecdotes from his life reflect his simplicity and humility. All these plus his contributions towards society, made him a renowned  and respected person all across India.
Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar along with his few friends was working hard on a mission to start the Calcutta University and for this they were seeking donations. Though advised by his fellow members not to approach the Nawab, who was known to be an unsavory character, Vidyasagar went to the palace of the Nawab of Ayodhya to fulfill the same mission.   Vidyasagar met Him and presented the whole situation to the Nawab; who in complete disdain and disrespect, dropped his shoes into Vidyasagar’s donation bag. Vidyasagar did not react but just thanked the Nawab and left the palace.


The next day, Vidyasagar organized an auction of the Nawab’s shoes just in front of the Nawab’s palace. People, in order to impress the Nawab, including the Nawab’s jagirdars and court members, etc came forward and started bidding. The shoes were auctioned to the highest bidder for a good sum of R.1,000. The Nawab on hearing this was pleased and donated the same amount.

When the Nawab dropped his shoes in the donation bag,  Vidyasagar could have reacted in another manner, he could have taken this as an insult or got depressed. But on the other hand, he used those shoes as an opportunity to fulfill his mission. He not only got the money but also pleased the Nawab with his resourcefulness.

Vidyasagar always worked above his personal feeling  towards one goal; and soon enough his dream of opening Calcutta University also fructified.


When one faces an adverse situation, one should respond rather than react. How does one respond? We should keep our goal above our ego. One should be able to subordinate ones likes and dislikes for the higher purpose of life. When one develops such forbearance and humility like Ishwar Chandra by keeping personal feelings on hold  then one shall be able to achieve ones  goal and succeed in life.







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