Impart values at a young age

I have regular value based teaching classes for children, on every Wednesday and Friday evenings, at my place. These children are a joy to teach and I also learn a lot from them during our sharing and discussion sessions.

Last Friday, ie 14th March 2014, I had the first class of the day at 5.30pm for the little children aged 4-6 yrs. At sharp 5.30pm, a little girl aged 6 who was new to the class, entered the prayer room at our home, where I conduct these classes. Looking around with her inquisitive eyes and with a smile on her lips, she told me “I smell God here”. I was really surprised at this child’s words. Her expressions showed that she felt something so different and nice here.

Children are so innocent and pure. Wish we adults could retain some of our innocence and simple pure love for all.

After a while during the sharing session, a 5yr old was complaining to me about another 6yr old in the class. She said  that she had found a comb in the playground and given it to the 6 yr old, who was in return going to give her some gift but that the 6yr old didn’t keep up her word. The 6yr old was trying to justify as to why she couldn’t give a return gift.

After they finished their part, it was my turn. I told them that at the very first place the comb should not have been picked up from the playground, as it did not belong to them. One should never take the things that didnt belong to them, whatever it maybe. This is where they have to practice the human values of honesty and right conduct. If they did find any such thing the next time, they should just hand it over to the security of the building , who  would return it to the owner.

Just as he class was to an end, I overheard the 5yr old telling the 6yr old in a serious tone, that no sooner than  she gets home  should she  go alone or with her helper down to the security and return the comb. I was taken aback at such a quick response by this little kid. I was very happy. The lesson had gone in then and there.

That’s how the little kids are. They are like sponge. They will absorb and grasp whatever is told to them. Hence it’s the duty of the parents and teachers to impart the right values and manners at this very young age. It is said that ‘a small plant can be moulded but a tree cannot be’. Let us strive to bring up our little ones with the right values so that they become an exemplary citizen of the world.

I have never felt more satisfied and purposeful. Every minute spent in guiding these children is well spent and meaningful. I feel really happy and blessed to be imparting the value based education to these children and make a difference.


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