The Feather Story

Value : Honesty

Subvalue : Mindfulness


One day a boy spread false and negative rumour about one of his classmates. Being a Christian, he visited church every Sunday. He knew there was a confession box at the church and one could tell the priest whatever mistake one had done and be forgiven by God for confessing the mistake. This boy realised that he had caused a lot of sadness to his classmate by this act of spreading the rumours.

Feathers flying

There was a kind priest in the church who helped children with their problems. When this boy confessed to the kind priest how he had done wrong to his classmate, the priest heard him patiently and before praying for the boy’s forgiveness, he wanted the boy to understand the impact of his action. So, he told the boy to take a bag of feathers and go to the top of the hill on a windy day. He told him to let the feathers fly and again go the next day and pick up all of the feathers which had flown off, every single one of them. The boy immediately replied to the priest that it was impossible to pick each and every feather. Then the priest explained to the boy that it was exactly same for any rumour also. Once it is spread it is very difficult to stop it and cannot be undone. The damage is done and hence forth he must be very careful not to repeat this mistake with anyone else.

The boy learnt his lesson and never repeated this mistake again.


We must not talk ill about others. When we do not know the facts about something or someone, we should never spread false news. This can hurt the feelings of so many people. Words once out of the mouth can never be taken back. The damage once done cannot be repaired; the dent or the mark will remain forever. So we must watch our words whenever we speak.

Contributed by Anavi Shyam- Age- 10yrs



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