Pundit and the milkmaid


There was a highly learned Pundit (priest) in a village. Everyday a milkmaid used to deliver milk early in the morning at the Pundit’s house. One morning she was late for delivering the milk which made the Pundit upset with her. He angrily questioned her about the delay. She told the Pundit that the boatman was late to ferry her across the river and hence the delay. The Pundit told her that she could cross the river without the help of the boatmen, if one chants the name of Lord Hari (Vishnu- Hindu deity) he/she can cross the river of life itself, what about this small river? The milkmaid listened attentively to the Pundit.

Pundit and milk maid

Next morning she was very early to deliver the milk and was again questioned by the Pundit. The milkmaid told him that as per his teaching yesterday, she didn’t wait for the boatman but walked across the river chanting Lord’s name. The Pundit was flabbergasted. He thought she was just making up stories and asked to be shown how she crossed the river. The milkmaid took him to the river and started chanting the Lord’s name and was already walking on the river.Milkmaid and Pundit 1

Pundt and milkmaid 2She asked the Pundit to do the same. As soon as the Pundit touched the water he was very cautious of getting his clothes wet and just fell in the river. His attention was more on the clothes than on the Lord. He didn’t believe in his own words. He lacked the faith.

Pundit and milkmaid 3


Faith and devotion is more important than mere learning of the scriptures. One should advise others only when they believe in their own words. One should have conviction and faith in what they preach to the others.

Contributed by: Kunal Wagle- Age-11 years


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