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Kind Act

My mom was walking to her office to collect some files when she noticed a mug different from her old one which had a broken handle. This was a brand new mug lying on her desk. She was surprised and wondering who would have got it for her. Then slowly the cleaner of her office walked in and told my mum, that since she saw the broken mug on her table she thought she would replace it with a new one. My mother was touched with this kind act and she told me and my sister about this. It meant a lot to her and I also understood the importance of how one can do a kind act without being told to. It gives immense joy to the receiver as well as the giver.


I learnt to do kind acts even when I am not expected to. I would like to see the smile on the faces of other people.


My mom was very patient while teaching my new helper aunty cooking. Even though it took her a long time, she had to put up with a lot of mistakes but she did not lose her patience.

Contributed by: Tanisha- 8yrs old


I was longing to be in the Students council of my school for a long time. I was working on my speeches for a long time without any success. Finally this year I am in the Student Council. I am very happy that I did not give up.


I learnt that one must develop patience to get anything done. Losing patience creates disharmony and disturbs our minds also.

I also learnt to be perseverant and never to give up. When I followed that, I was successful. I will always do my best.

Contributed by; Aryan Govil-9yrs old


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