Journey is as important as the Destination

King hunting


Contributed by: Shyla Govil-11yrs

Once upon a time there was a king who loved all his luxuries and comforts. He would sleep on a bed covered with red roses and eat the most delicious of foods. One day, the king and his courtiers went on a hunting trip. They all had a great time, and by the time the hunting was over, it was night. The King started to lead the way but soon realised that he was alone! He had been separated from his people and since they could not find him, they had left.

The king was famished and tired. He was angry with this unforeseen situation. He rode his horse for some more time till he found a hermitage where a pundit was praying. The king told him his situation and prayed the pundit to help him get back his kingdom and luxuries. The pundit smiled and told him; “I shall teach you a mantra (prayer) and you will have to stand in a ring of fire and chant it for 40 days to get back your kingdom.” The king soon learnt the prayer and followed the Pundit’s instructions.

After 40 days of this penance, nothing happened. The King asked the Pundit about it. The Pundit then told the King to repeat the same exercise by standing in the coldest river. After 40 days of this chanting also nothing happened. All the King’s efforts had gone waste. The king was very upset and disappointed. The Pundit then explained to the King, that the king chanted the name always looking as what he would get rather than concentrating on the prayer, hence he did not get anything.


One should enjoy and concentrate on the work they are performing rather than only looking at the end result. We can learn a lot while performing a work. If we do anything just for the sake of doing without understanding and with lack of interest we will never get the desired results. The journey is equally important as is the destination.


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