Lessons on Staying Calm and Going the extra mile-Students corner

The children share what inspired them to be better children. Children were asked to look around, observe people around them and then to share what incidents inspired them and what were the learning.

Staying Calm

There is a boy in my class. Every day a few boys tease him. But no matter how much they trouble him, he stays calm. This really inspires me.


I learnt that in such situations, it is better to ignore and stay calm. We should not get angry over simple things. I learnt the value of Non- violence.


Contributed by Nandini. K. 9 yrs old

Similar incident was shared by another student, about a girl in her class and below is her depiction



Contributed by Manasvini Bharat- 8yrs old

Going the extra mile

The grade 5 head of the Grade in our school is Mr Pollard. Mr Pollard had a new kid in his class. He had joined the school 3 weeks after everyone else had. The child never socialised with the other kids. The other kids were friendly but soon gave up as this boy was not responsive. Mr Pollard was wondering what to do. He then noticed that this child’s birthday was coming up soon. All the kids had bought cupcakes and chocolates on their birthdays. When this boy’s birthday came, he didn’t get anything for the class. After the break time, Mr. Pollard noticed the child’s table filled with cupcakes. Mr. Pollard asked the boy, “Did you bring these cupcakes?” The boy replied “No, I don’t know who bought these.” To this day Mr. Pollard has no idea who put those cupcakes there.


I learnt that we can bring a smile to someone with a surprise. We can take that extra step or effort to help someone out. We need not necessarily be appreciated for that. We should do good deeds because that is the right thing to do. This is the value of Right conduct

Akshara Venkatesh









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