The Brahmani and the mongoose

Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Discrimination

Once a  Brahmin lived in a city with his wife. His wife delivered a son at the same time , a she-mongoose gave birth to a male child. The Brahmani (Brahmin’s wife) adopted the mongoose’s son and began bringing him as she would her own son. Yet the Brahmani never left her son alone because she did not trust the mongoose, fearing that she would some day harm her son. The elders have said that one’s own son, however immoral, ugly, foolish and wicked, are the parents darling.
One day, leaving for the lake to bring water, the Brahmin’s wife told her husband to keep a watch on their son. Soon, a cobra entered the house. Fearing danger to the son of the Brahmin, the mongoose attacked the cobra and killed him. Hearing the footfalls of his mother Brahmani, the mongoose, with a mouth smeared by blood, went to greet her.

When the mother saw the young mongoose with his mouth oozing of blood, she thought that her worst  fears had come true. Without a second thought, the Brahmin’s wife threw the pot of water on the mongoose and the mongoose died instantly ,as a result.
Mourning the death of the mongoose, the woman entered the house and found that her child was soundly sleeping in the cradle and also the cobra bitten to pieces by the mongoose.

The woman was struck by grief and remorse,  that she had killed the mongoose that was like a son to her.


The learned have said that he who does things without discretion regrets his action like the Brahmin’s wife. Haste makes waste. Always think before you act.


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