It’s All Within

Value: Truth

Sub value- Introspection


Once upon a time there was a beautiful deer who spent her days prancing around in the woods. And every day she  smelled a wonderful scent. It smelled better than rain; it smelled better than flowers; in fact, the deer had never smelled anything so enchantingly wonderful. The deer wondered where the scent came from. She began to sniff around, “Sniff, sniff. Maybe this perfume is coming from inside the tree!” She ran over to a tree, but it just smelled like a normal tree.

The deer wandered around, sniffing everywhere. She chased and smelled and wondered, “Is it coming from the butterflies? Sniff, sniff…hmmmm. No, it’s not from them. I wonder if it’s coming from the robin! Sniff, sniff… hmmm. No, it’s not from there either.” Although she doubted it, she even wondered if it could be coming from the swamp. “Sniff, sniff”, she tried, “Oh no, it’s not coming from there! Hmmmm…Maybe it’s coming from the ravine or maybe the bushes! Sniff, sniff. Sniff, sniff.” But the scent wasn’t coming from any of these things. Where do you think it was coming from?

The deer ran and leapt, she danced and ran some more, as she tried to find the source of the elusive smell, but with all the exertion she started getting tired. She kept searching.”I’ll find it, it’s got to be coming from somewhere!” she said. Even though she was really exhausted, she kept on running , smelling here, there and everywhere. “My body can’t keep up,” she thought, “but I must find where that wonderful scent is coming from.” Her body slowed down but she kept trying doggedly.  Finally she couldn’t try anymore; she  couldn’t move and  collapsed on the ground.

Even as she fell on the ground, her mind wanted to continue searching, but her body had to rest. But then all of the sudden she smelt something, “That’s it! That’s the scent! That’s what I’ve been trying to find! It’s right here! That’s it for sure!” But where was it coming from? She instantly realized something very beautiful, “Oh my goodness! It’s coming from within me. It’s been right here all along.” She smiled and napped peacefully.

Yes, the smell was really coming from herself. That is how God is. People think that God is somewhere outside. But God is always within us; never away from us: inside us and all around us. After searching and searching, the deer finally understood that the Lord of the Universe had been with her all along.


If we introspect and look within ourselves, we will realise that God and peace are all within us but we keep searching outside for these.

As Guru Ram Das says:  I beg for your Name, deep within myself, and day and night through the Name I find peace.”




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