Tribute to my Guru

Being the youngest of three siblings, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Bal Vikas at a rather young age. I was barely four years old. My older brother and sister were already attending Bal Vikas and came home with teachings from Swami. I was very thrilled to hear beautiful bhajans and attend annual Bal Vikas functions where children slightly older than me participated in skits, bhajan singing and keertans. Although it did not make much sense to me then, it got me interested and involved with attending Balvikas sessions with my older sister. Our guru was a very compassionate lady who allowed me to attend these sessions despite my childish pranks and mischief. I found her teaching rather profound, but gradually started to grasp the fact that I was a creation of God and my life was ultimately meant to realize him and become one with him. Our Guru implanted the teachings in my naive young mind. I quickly learnt about the five vices of kaam, krodh moha, lobha and matsarya and tried to stay away from them as I was told that these were wrong. I tried to be a a true shishya, and all I really did was imbibe the wisdom that our Guru taught us. As I continued to grow, my behavior was indeed noticed by my teachers in school who often complemented my parents saying that I had received great Sanskaras.

Looking back at my childhood, I think this was the most crucial part of moulding me as a human being. The symbol of Balvikas is that of a flower with five petals and a lamp. The light from this lamp has always been with me through the darker times of my life and has shown me the right path. As Swami says “Why fear when I am here”. I still sing the bhajan to myself several years later when I am seven seas away from my family, here in America. Swami and his teachings have been my support and inspiration through the hardest of times. The powerful bhajan even worked to soothe my three month old son who suffered from severe abdominal colic. I gently rocked him in front of Swami’s picture as I sang the bhajan to him! This may seem a little unusual coming from an allopathic doctor, but nonetheless is absolutely true.

A fond memory from my Bal Vikas days is that of Baba’s Vibhuti. Even as a little kid, I had deep faith in Swami and believed that he would hold my hand and guide me through every examination of my life. I always went to my guru before every examination and she would affectionately apply Baba’s Vibhuti to my forehad and bless me wishing me luck on the exams. I always carried a picture of Swami on all my exams, and did very well on them. I continued to seek Baba’s holy Vibhuti until I left for college. With Baba’s blessings, I stood first in my Secondary School examinations and eventually went on to pursue my medical career. I do wish to emphasize that Bal Vikas taught me more than just being successful on an examination. Swami’s teaching always reminded me to be humble and sincere. The beautiful skits that I had enacted during my Balvikas days had taught me that the world is mere Maya, and that pride over fickle possessions is easily perishable. My Guru always reiterated Swami’s analogy of ideal human life. Baba advises us to be like a dew drop on a lotus leaf. Swami’s teaching said that one should stick to good karma and shine like a dew drop on bright sunlight of life, but never get attached to the leaf itself, since the dew drop is not a part of the leaf! When it falls off, it does not leave any traces behind, but becomes one with lake water, its creator. I remind myself of this analogy to this day, and try not to get attached to materialistics of the world, seeking to realize the ultimate truth of life, which is the Lord himself, our creator.

I hope to bestow a similar culture on to my son who is now nearly fifteen months old. I am trying my best to recollect as many Balvikas Bhajans and collect as many Balvikas stories/ words of wisdom imparted by Swami and pass them on to my coming generations. Although Baba may not physically be here with us any more, he is in our thoughts and heart and will always prevail through the deeds of millions of shishyas he left behind in this world. I kindly request our fellow Sai devotees to spread the culture and share the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that we were blessed with in our childhood days.

Dr. Vinayak Hegde


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  1. Parameswaran Iyer
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 01:30:53

    Real tribute to Swami the Jagadguru and his Balvcikas Guru who made change in his life Today is Guru poornima May this real life experience inspire the young souls and make their life different from others


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