Do good and help others

Value- Right conduct

Sub value- Love all, Serve All

During the days of “Gautama Buddha” there was a young boy who was addicted to bad habits. He behaved rudely with people and was becoming a criminal with his anti- social activities. His mother tried to bring him back to normal life but could not succeed.  Finally she decided to take her son to the Buddh to seek his blessings. With great difficulty she convinced her son to meet the great saint “Gautama Buddha”.
Both of them went to the forest where the Buddha was sitting under a tree doing meditation.  The mother fell at his feet shedding copious tears.

Buddha lovingly asked her “Why are you crying”?

The mother replied “Dear Lord!  My son is getting into bad ways and I am worried he will end up becoming a criminal! Please do something!

Buddha looked at the weeping mother and her son and answered “It’s too late, dear mother. Your son is going to die in one day” and left that place.  Both mother and her son were shocked with Buddha’s words and returned home with a heavy heart. With fear of death looming, they could not sleep that night. The 23 hours painstakingly passed  and in the last hour Buddha walked into their house.

He asked her son “Have you indulged any cheating / criminal / theft during these  past 23 hours?”
The son said “No”. Did you tell lies?” The son said “No”
Buddha asked, “What did you do in these 23 hours then? “”
The son replied, “Since death was approaching me very closely, I have been filled with remorse and regret the sins and wrong doings committed until now. I have now realized that I wasted my valuable life but it’s too late now to realize”

Buddha said, “Don’t worry. Your death is not about to happen now and it has been postponed.  Spend the rest of your life meaningfully and be kind to the others. ”

Death is certain to all of us. It may come in any movement, any shape and for any reason.  Let us live with human values doing good things and be helpful to others. Such people will be remembered even after their death.




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