Shaluk’s Victory

Value- Love

Sub Value-Devotion

On the rich fertile banks of the river Meshwo in Mahudia, Gujarat, lived a poor farmer named Jivanbhai, who grew a species of melons known as chibhada. His wife, Kesarbai, and son, Shaluk, also helped him.
Once Shaluk said to his mother, Kesarbai, “Ma, I wish that Shriji Maharaj ( a saint) tastes one of our juicy chibhadas. Can I take one to him?” “It would be our great merit if Maharaj eats our chibhadas.”
So the next day, Shaluk plucked the most beautiful and ripe chibhadu from the river bed. He walked with the fruit in hand to give it to the Maharaj. Soon he began to have thoughts about eating the chibhadu; his mouth started salivating and he wondered, “Will Maharaj really accept such a cheap fruit, compared to the rich foods offered by wealthy devotees?  I might as well eat it myself.”
Soon his thoughts became so strong, that he sat down under a tree and took out a knife from his bag. Just as he was about to slice the fruit, he had another thought.
This thought seemed to come from his heart. “Shaluk, you are such a weakling! How can you eat something that you wished Maharaj to have? What happened to your great devotion for Maharaj?”
Shaluk’s intense devotion for Maharaj rattled him. It hit his mind. So he said to his mind, “Now listen, this chibhadu is for Maharaj.”Relieved that he had convinced his mind, he started walking again.
A little later, the walking made him thirsty and hungry and his mind started spinning again, “Fool, just eat up the chibhadu. Maharaj will not be interested in such a cheap little thing. The rich devotees will offer better foods. Gobble up and return home.”
Little Shaluk was now really overcome by temptation. No sooner had he put his hand in the bag for the knife, than he stopped dead in his track, when he again heard a voice from his heart  “No Shaluk! You are a true child devotee of Maharaj. Don’t listen to your mind.”
“That’s final now,” said Shaluk firmly to himself. “I am not going to eat the chibhadu. It’s for Maharaj. Swaminarayan! Swaminarayan!” As he chanted the divine mantra, he thought of Maharaj’s divine persona. He started running fast and continued chanting, “Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan.”

Soon he reached the place where Maharaj was seated in an assembly. The paramhansas were singing kirtans. Shaluk was attracted by Maharaj’s divine presence. The all-knowing Maharaj picked up Shaluk’s thoughts. With a wave of His hand, Maharaj gestured to Shaluk to come to Him. Shaluk’s heart pounded with excitement, he rushed to the Maharaj and fell at His feet.  Standing up he placed the chibhabu on Maharaj’s lap, with great reverence and humility.

Maharaj then said, “Shaluk, give me that knife from your bag. I wish to have this chibhadu now.”
One slice after another, Maharaj started eating the chibhadu and then finished it all. Everyone present was astonished by this and wondered about Shaluk’s sentiments. Before Maharaj revealed this to the assembly He gifted a small pot of barfi to Shaluk and then embraced him!

The whole assembly erupted in applauding this sight! Now they all eagerly and anxiously wanted to know why Maharaj was showering such grace and joy on this little boy.
Finally, Maharaj spoke, “This little boy fought with his mind to bring the chibhadu here. He battled bravely the temptations and was’wounded’ a few times. But he did not accept defeat and achieved victory. Bhagvan and His Sadhu disciples always help those who fight with their minds.”

Everybody present realised that Maharaj ate the whole chibhadu not because of its taste, but only to fulfill Shaluk’s intense and heart felt devotion.

They all then praised him, “Well done Shaluk! By conquering your mind, you have achieved victory over the whole world.”


When one has pure intention and devotion; his/her prayers will be heard.



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