Where is God?

Value- Truth

Sub Value- Awareness

Once an inquisitive devotee asked a realized saint, “Bhagavan, what is the form of God? Where does he live and where can I find him?”

The saint said, “God is everywhere and is all pervading. He is blissful, omniscient and immortal and He is your own self”. The devotee asked, “If it is so, why do I not perceive and have an experience of Him?” The saint replied, “As the God is all pervading, He is within your own mind but your mind is not in Him. Your mind is engrossed in the world.”

The saint in many ways tried to make him understand the existence of God but the devotee could not comprehend and realize God. The saint then told him, “Go to Haridwar, there in Ganga, there is a fish of a strange colour and it can speak in the voice of human beings. The fish will give you an appropriate answer to your question”.

The inquisitive devotee bowed to the saint, touched his feet and started on his way to Haridwar. There he sat down in a corner and began to wait for the arrival of the strange fish. Whenever he saw any fish he repeated his question and asked where God lived and how could he see Him?

After a long wait, the strange colored  fish came and asked the devotee “Where from have you come and why?” The devotee replied, “ I have come from far and a saint asked me to meet you. I want to know where God lives and how can I see Him?” In reply the fish said to him, “I have been thirsty for the last seven days. So, pray tell me where can I get water ? ”

On listening to the words of the fish, the devotee laughed and said, “Oh foolish fish, water is above you, below you, it is on your right, on your left and there is water on all you sides”.

At the devotee’s taunting response, the fish turned serious and said, “Oh, you innocent devotee. You are also foolish like me. God whom you are searching is above you, below you, on your right, on your left, and in brief he is on all your sides.

The devotee was mildly satisfied, his curiosity aroused, questioned the fish further, “If so, why am I unable to see the blissful God and why am I so miserable?” The fish replied, “The same is my question. If I am surrounded by water on all sides, then why is my thirst not quenched?

The devotee knew the design of the fish’s body and was also aware that, as long as the fish swam straight with its face upwards, water wouldn’t enter its mouth. To quench its thirst the fish had to swim upside down. If the design of fish’s body was not like this, water could enter its body freely and it would die. So the devotee advised the fish to take a turn upside down to quench its thirst.

The fish then said to the devotee, “As we have to take a turn to quench our thirst, in the same way, you should also take a turn to see God. Turn away from the desires to see God. In other words, when you turn the flow of the thoughts of your mind from the world to the blissful omniscient God, then all your sorrows will come to an end.

The dumbstruck devotee did accordingly and realized his real Self.



God can be realized when we turn our mind towards Him. And also see Him in all His creations.




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