Practice Humility

Value- Right Conduct

Sub Value- Humility

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Many years ago, a rider came across some soldiers who were trying to move a heavy log without much success. The corporal was standing by, watching;  as the men struggled. The rider asked the corporal why he wasn’t helping; to which  the corporal replied, “I am the corporal; I only give orders.” The rider dismounted, went up to  the soldiers and as they were lifting the log, he helped them. With his help, the soldiers were able to move the log.

The rider quietly mounted his horse and on his way out, went to the corporal and said, “The next time your men need help, send for the Commander-in-Chief.”

After he left, the corporal and his men found out, much to their disbelief, that the rider was  none other than George Washington.


The message is pretty clear. Success and humility go hand in hand. When others blow your horn, the sound goes further. Just think about it? Simplicity and humility are two hallmarks of greatness. Humility does not mean self-demeaning behavior.



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