The Sage and the Stationmaster- Speaking the truth


Value- Truth

Sub Value- Honesty, Transformation

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A great sage from the Himalayas, along with his disciple,  came to a town away from the mountains. A railway station master of that town, very much impressed with the sage’s divinity, requested the sage to bless him; requested him to give something to practice, which he promised to faithfully follow.

The disciple told the sage, ” Master!these worldly people will not follow your teachings . Please do not advice them”. The sage knew that the station master and all his colleagues in the department were corrupt; but had decided to advise the station master for what it was worth. He then called the station master aside and advised him not to lie anymore, and went his way.

The station master took the sage’s words seriously and decided to follow his advice faithfully. The very next day an inquiry officer came to meet the station master, to investigate some complaints  of corruption in his office.

The station master admitted to the officer that his department and himself were guilty of accepting bribes,  but he had lately, stopped doing it. His office staff were angry by this admission and told the investigating committee,  that the station master was corrupt, and all activities were carried by them under his behest.

The station master was sacked and was jailed,  for admitting to the error of his ways. His wife and son moved out of life for the same reason . His case was pending in the courts for a long time,  until  finally  a day came when the court  asked him to hire an lawyer to defend his case. The station master told the Judge , that he did not want anyone to defend his case rather wished to state the facts. He told the Judge about the sage’s advice and how he was following it. The Judge later called him to his chamber and asked about the sage.  The Judge was delighted to find out that the the sage,  the station master was talking about, was none other than his own teacher. The Judge acquitted him from the case.

Soon after this, a month  or so later, the station master was surprised to receive a message from the railway authorities,  which stated that he was being awarded rupees 10 lakhs,  as the compensation for the land his father owned;  and which was  acquired by the railways. The station master, without keeping any for himself, bequeathed the money to his family, bid them farewell and went his way.

As he was mulling over the past incidents in his life, he figured that; for being honest  for a short period of a month , he was rewarded with a huge amount of money,  he wondered what would happen if he spent the rest of his life being truthful. He made up his mind to go the  Himalayas to be with the sage and  to spend rest of his life there.


Honesty is the best policy. Great saints and Masters  teach great values. Their advise if taken and acted upon brings about transformation in us.


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