Good to forgive, best to forget

isaac Newton

We all have heard about the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton and his inventions. An anecdote about his pet dog “Diamond”. Sir Isaac Newton had been working for several hours every day, for twenty long years and written down the results of his brilliant research on loose sheets of paper. One day he went out for a walk, with his research papers on the table, leaving his dog ‘Diamond’ in the room unattended.

The story goes on to say that, Diamond jumped on to the table playfully, upsetting a burning candle, which fell on the bundle of manuscript. Twenty years of hard research was scorched to cinders within minutes. When Newton returned from his walk, he was shocked to see his monumental effort and invaluable research papers reduced to a pile of ashes. Anyone else would have beaten the dog to death. But Newton simply stroked the dog’s head and said looking at it with pity ‘Oh Diamond! You know not what you have done.’

It’s said that, Newton started writing again and it took him several years to complete the task. How great was his compassion for the dumb animal.


It is difficult to forgive a wrong done to you – yet, with a stronger will it is possible. To forget the whole episode requires super human effort and nobility of heart. If you develop the habit of forgiving and forgetting, you will not have any enemy in this wide world. You will be friendly with all.


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