The missing gold chain

Value- Right Conduct and honesty

One day my mum and I had gone down on some work. I spotted something shining on the road. I picked it up and realised that it was a gold chain. I and mum enquired the people around our building if it was theirs.  We couldnt  find the owner of the chain. We thought that it would belong to some one in our building. We have an egroup for our colony and my mum posted about this on the e group.  Soon the owner was found and we returned the gold chain to the right person. She was very happy to find this chain back as it was a heirloom and thanked us profusely.

I was very happy since I practised the human values taught to me. I was responsible, helpful and honest.


Age: 8yrs

Premaarpan Value and Prayer class- Grp 1


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