Honesty in school- Experience shared by a 12yr old

I had just received my science test results, and I hadn’t done that well. I sadly accepted the marks and went through the worksheet to learn from my mistakes. Our teacher was addressing the class soon after, so I closed the worksheet and turned my attention towards him.

“I am not very good at math, as you all know, so please check if I have added up your marks correctly.” He stated. I was now filled with hope, as I thought he may have miscalculated my test score. I checked the addition 3 times before concluding that he had marked my test wrong. Sadly, he had given me an extra mark by mistake. I walked up to his desk and showed him the error. He beamed with pride at my act, changed my marks, and praised me for my honesty. He said that many other students would have kept quiet and would not have got back to him as their marks would have been reduced. He was very proud that I was honest. I returned to my seat, feeling proud that I did a good deed.

I practiced the human values taught to me. It feels good when we do the right action.


Age 12 yrs

Premaarpan value class Grp 2

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