The Right Design


Sub value- Everything happens for the best, acceptance

A story about Mulla Nasruddin

One hot day, Mulla Nasruddin was relaxing under the shade of a walnut tree. His eyes soon wandered to the nearby rooftop where he saw huge orange pumpkins growing on a delicate vine which had climbed up. Then he looked up and saw the small round walnuts on the tree above.

“Wah!” he said to himself. “Dear God, I could have planned that better. Small round walnuts on this huge tree & such large pumpkins on that delicate vine. It just doesn’t make sense.”

He let out a deep sigh, stretched out his legs & closed his eyes for a brief nap. A couple of minutes later he woke with a start. A small green walnut from the tree above had fallen on his head. He sat up straight rubbed his head, stroked his bread & raised his hands in prayer. “I am sorry for questioning your ways, dear God” he said.”You do know best, after all. Imagine what would have been my condition if pumpkins had been growing on this tree!”


Many a times we do not know what is best for us. We always feel whatever we do not have may be good for us. Lord knows the best. We must do our best and leave the rest to him. The result may or may not be in our favour. But accepting what cannot be changed is the best. And everything happens for a reason, which we may not know immediately. There is a learning in everything.


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