Show The Way

2 horsesValue- Love

Sub Value- Caring, empathy

Just up the road from my balcony was a field where I often saw two horses grazing. From a distance, both the horses  looked the similar. But if  one took a closer  look, one would notice that one of the horses  was blind. The owner hadn’t discarded him, but had constructed  a comfortable stable , for the horse to live in,  which was quite amazing.

If one stood nearby and listened closely, one could hear the tinkling  of bells coming from other horse,the one which wasn’t blind. Small copper colored  bells were attached to the halter of this horse;  the tinkling sound helped  blind horse know where the other horse was . As one stood and  watched the two horses, one would observe that the  horse with the bell always checked  on the blind horse ; the latter kept his ears glued to the bell and headed in that direction, trusting that his friend would not lead him astray. When the horse with the bells returned to the stable each evening, he would stop  occasionally to look back,  to make sure that his friend wasn’t  too far behind to hear the bell.

Like the owner of these horses, God does not discard us just because we are not perfect. He watches over us and even brings others into our lives to help us when we need. Sometimes we are the blind horse being guided by the tinkling bells of those who are persuaded by the existence God. And at other times we are like the guiding horse, helping others to find their way.


We are never alone. God always takes care of us, He sends the right person to help us and guide us at the time of our need. Similarly He may use us as His instrument in helping out others. Hence we also should look out for opportunities to help people in need.

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