Unni- The innocent child devotee


Sub value: Faith, Devotion






It is customary in Indian temples to offer food offering (Naivedhya) to God, this naivedhya is partaken by devotees as prasaad. The prasaad is considered to have God’s blessings residing in it and also is a display of the process of giving and receiving between the devotees and the Lord. The story goes thus.

There was once a priest in a temple who single handedly managed all the activities and venerations in the temple. It so happened that the priest had to go out on an urgent engagement during the time the Naivedhya had to be offered to the Lord. To keep the activities and worship in the temple ongoing, he instructed his twelve year old son to offer naivedhya to the Lord at the scheduled time.

The priest’s son, Unni, offered some cooked rice to the Lord; in his simplicity, he believed that the Lord’s idol would eat the food, but the idol did not move. Thinking that the Lord would prefer, curd rice and salted mangoes, Unni rushed out, bought the same from a vendor nearby and offered it to the Lord with utmost love and affection.

To Unni’s chagrin, the idol again remained unmoved. Unni was dismayed; he cajoled, beseeched, coaxed and in the end threatened the Lord, but the idol remained unaffected. He was heartbroken as he believed he had failed to make the Lord accept his Naivedhya. With tears streaming down his cheeks like twin rivers, he bawled at the Lord, saying that his father would punish him if the Lord didn’t eat the Naivedhya. The Lord could not bear to hear Unni’s agonised plea anymore, and the offerings suddenly disappeared. Thrilled that the Lord had accepted the Naivedhya, Unni left the temple satisfied.

Later when his father, the priest, returned to the temple, he saw the empty plate and became very angry with Unni; but Unni insisted that God had eaten the offering. Unni’s innocent words and entreaties, made no impact on his father, who was furious, as he believed his son, Unni had eaten the offering himself and was lying about it. Blinded by rage, the priest raised his hand to hit Unni, when he heard a celestial voice which professed, “I am guilty. Unni is innocent”. The divine soothing words froze the priest in his tracks!

God had come to the rescue of his innocent devotee!


God is bound only by the love of His devotees. He will do anything to protect his devotees.



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