Self-condemnation is Egoism

Value- Self confidence, Truth

Sub value-Attitude, Optimism

Once, Krishna pretended to be suffering from headache, intense, unbearable headache! He acted that role quite realistically. He tied a  cloth around his head and rolled restlessly in bed. His eyes were red and apparently looked to be  in evident distress. His face too appeared swollen and pale. Rukminî, Satyâbhama and the other queens rushed about with all kinds of remedies and palliatives;but they were ineffective. At last, they consulted Nârada and he went into the sick room to consult Krishna Himself and find out which remedy or medicine would cure Him.

Krishna directed him to bring – What do you think the remedy was? – the dust of the feet of a true bhakha! In a trice, Nârada manifested himself in the presence of some celebrated bhaktas of the Lord; but, they were too humble to offer the dust of their feet to be used by their Lord as a drug!

That is also a kind of egoism: “I am low, mean, small, useless, poor, sinful, inferior” – such feelings also are egoistic; when the ego goes, you do not feel either superior or inferior. No one would give the dust wanted by the Lord; they were too worthless, they declared. Nârada came back disappointed to the sickbed. Then, Krishna asked him, “Did you try Vrindâvana where the gopîs live?” The queens laughed at the suggestion and even Nârada asked in dismay, “What do they know of bhakti?” Still, the sage had to hurry thither. When the gopîs heard He was ill and that the dust of their feet might cure Him, without a second thought they shook the dust of their feet and filled his hand with the same.

Krishna and Gopis


By the time Nârada reached Dvârakâ, the headache had gone. It was just a five day drama, to teach that self-condemnation is also egoism and that the Lord’s command must be obeyed without demur, by all bhaktas- devotees.



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