Lighting the lamp of wisdom

Value- Truth

Sub value- Wisdom

Once a sadhaka( seeker), who had great ambition to know something about the divine, wanted his eye of wisdom to be opened. He entered a cave where a venerable guru lived. As he entered the cave he saw a glow of light in the  far distance, but as he walked towards  the light, it got extinguished. In darkness one feels frightened, and in fear, one thinks of God very intensively. Thus he uttered loudly the word ‘Namah S’ivaya‘ and on hearing this, the guru asked him who he was. The sadhaka said that he had come to seek the guru’s grace. The great guru,  sustained himself in the cave, merely by breathing the air around him, had the divined the mind and intention of his visitor. The guru asked the seeker light the lamp, which had been extinguished. The seeker took a matchbox and tried to light the lamp but did not succeed. He told the guru that he had used all the matchsticks and yet he had not succeeded in lighting the lamp.


The guru then advised  him  put out all the water from the lamp, refill with oil in it, and then try to light it. The seeker did this but the lamp could not be lit. The guru again advised him to use a dry wick wick and then attempt to light the lamp. Eventually the seeker succeeded in his task. The seeker asked the guru his question with great diffidence. The surprised guru replied that appropriate answer had been given already. The  confounded seeker  pleaded  ignorance,  his lack of understanding  the significance of the teaching and requested the guru to explain to him in clearer terms. The guru said:

In the vessel of your heart, there is the wick of your life. The wick has been immersed all these days in the water of your desires like greed, ego, jealousy etc. Therefore you are not able to light the lamp of wisdom. Pour out all the water of these desires from the vessel of your heart, and fill it with love. Take the wick of life and dry it in the sunshine of determination; squeeze out of it all the water present in the form of desire and put into the heart the oil of devotion and faith. It will be possible for you to light the lamp of wisdom“.


All of us have within us the pure heart. We are unable to see it because of the overcrowding thoughts of our mind and the six inner enemies namely Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride, Attachment and Jealousy. To top it all the EGO. Once we start working on removing the evil tendencies in us, automatically we can allow the light in us to shine forth.


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