Lord does not differentiate between rich and poor


Value- Love

Sub value- Devotion

The temple of Lord Krishna at Guruvayur in Kerala is very famous and thousands of devotees throng this temple regularly.

It so happened that, once a devotee prayed for 41 days, in this temple, hoping to be cured of his leg pain. As he was unable to walk, he had to be carried everywhere by people. Being wealthy, he was able to hire people to cart him around the temple premises. Each morning he was carried to the temple tank for bath. He had thus completed 40 days of his prayers yet there was no sign of improvement in his condition, despite his sincere prayer, with all devotion, to the Lord.

Meanwhile, there was another devotee of Lord Krishna, who was poor and had been praying to the Lord, at the very temple, with utmost devotion, to enable him to perform his daughter’s marriage. A bridegroom had been identified and his daughter was engaged as well. But the devotee did not have cash flow to conduct the marriage and buy gold jewellery needed for the same. The Lord appeared in the poor devotee’s dream, instructed him to go to the temple tank next morning, where he would find a small bag on the steps of the tank and that he should take it , run away without looking back.

The next day happened to be the 41stday for the rich devotee, who had brought a small bag containing gold coins to be offered to Lord Krishna, though he had not been cured of his ailment. He kept the bag on the steps of the temple tank before proceeding for his bath at the tank. The poor devotee, as advised by the Lord in the dream, went to the temple tank and found a small bag on the steps. He picked it and ran away without turning back. The rich devotee saw someone taking away the bag meant for Lord Krishna and immediately came out of water and started running behind the thief. He could not keep pace to catch the thief so returned disappointed.

All of a sudden, it dawned on him that he had run the distance, to catch the thief, whereas earlier he had to be carried around. Amazed at the miracle he had experienced, he stood rooted to the ground. He was ecstatic that he was no longer in pain and thanked Lord Krishna profusely for His infinite mercy on Him.

Thus on the 41stday, Lord pleased with the devotion of both his devotees, blessed them generously. The rich devotee was cured of his leg pain while the poor devotee found sufficient gold coins in the bag to perform his daughter’s marriage.

Both thanked the merciful Lord Krishna for answering their prayers.


Lord blessed both his devotees and rewarded them for their devotion. This episode came to my mind when our beloved Baba blesses both rich and poor devotees equally. Rich devotees donate funds for various projects while poor devotees render selfless service to make them successful. God’s ways are different but He loves every one devoted to Him.


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