Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray

Hanuman and vibhishanaValue- Right Conduct

Sub value- Selfless Service


Many people complain that their troubles have not ended and that God has shown no compassion towards them. They would do well to learn a lesson from the episode from Ramayana.

After Vibhishana had become friendly with Hanuman, ,he once asked the latter ,” Hanuman ! Although you are a monkey , you are the recipient of the grace of Lord and though I have been ceaselessly engaged in the contemplation of Rama , how is it I have not secured His grace?” Hanuman replied, “Vibhishana ! It is true you are ceaselessly chanting the name of Rama .But to what extent are you engaged in the service of Rama ? By merely contemplating on the name Rama you cannot get the grace of Rama. When your brother Ravana brought away Sitadevi what  help did you render to her? Did you do anything to relieve even partially Rama’s distress ?”


It is merely not enough to pray to show our devotion to God or Master. We have to put their teachings to practice. One of the means is by loving and serving people in need. Actions speak greater than words.



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