Respect your teacher- Guru Brahma

Value- Right conduct

Sub value- Respect






Gurur Brahma : Guru is like Brahma (The creator)Gurur Vishnu : Guru is like Vishnu (The preserver)

Gurur devo : Guru is like Lord Maheshwara, Maheshwara (The destroyer)

Guruh Sakshaat : The true Guru (truly), before the very eyes

Para Brahma : Highest Brahma

Tasmai : To that alone

Gurave Namah : To that true Guru alone, I bow

“Guru” Gu : Darkness

Ru : Remover

Once upon a time, there was a hermitage in a beautiful forest. The great sage Dhaumya lived there with his disciples. One day, a well – built boy, named Upamanyu, came to the hermitage; he looked untidy and dirty. The boy bowed to the great Rishi Dhaumya and implored the sage to accept him as his student.

In the Gurukula days of yore, the Gurus decided; if a student was deemed fit to be accepted into the Gurukula, to be trained and educated, with the real values of life and seeing God in all.

Sage Dhaumya decided to accept this hefty boy Upamanyu into the Gurukula. Though Upamanyu was dull and slow – witted, the learned Guru saw that he was included with the rest of the students in the hermitage, who probably were brighter than him. Upamanyu did not take much interest in his studies. Neither could he understand the scriptures, nor could he memorize them. He was disobedient and lacked many good qualities.

Sage Dhaumya, an enlightened soul and astute teacher, loved Upamanyu in spite of all his short comings. The Sage loved him even more than his other brighter students! Upamanyu soon began to reciprocate his love for his Guru, sage Dhaumya. He was ready to do anything for his Guru now. The Guru gauged that Upamanyu was dull – witted due to his gluttony.

Overeating or gluttony in students led to bad health and sleepiness. Such students were neither alert nor were able to think with clarity, in fact this kind of indulgence lead to “dullness of the intellect “or thamoguna”. As a Guru, Sage Dhaumya desired that all his students, eat as much as was necessary, to maintain their body (eat to live, not live to eat); and to control that 4 inch tyrant, called the tongue!

With an aim to reform Upamanyu, Sage Dhaumya, gave him the task of tending to the cows in the ashram. Upamanyu’s duty was to take the cows to graze at dawn and return at dusk. The sage’s wife packed some lunch for Upamanyu daily.

But the well –built Upamanyu had a hearty appetite. He felt very hungry even after his lunch, so to appease his hunger, he milked some cows and drank up the milk. Soon, the Sage Dhaumya noticed that Upamanyu was getting fatter. He was surprised that, all the walking with the cows to the pasture and the simple lunch, had not made Upamanyu’s body trim and slim. He questioned Upamanyu about this and Upamanyu truthfully replied, he had been drinking the cow’s milk. Sage Dhaumya then ordered Upamanyu not to drink the milk, as the cows did not belong to him. Upamanyu also could not drink the milk without the Guru’s permission.

Though Upamanyu readily agreed to his Guru’s order, he was still hungry. He noticed that when the calves suckled the milk from their mothers’, some drops of milk fell down. He soon began to collect this milk in his cupped palms and started drinking it.

Sage Dhaumya, who had an eye on Upamanyu, observed that, the boy was still not losing weight. Once again he questioned Upamanyu and out came the truth. Sage Dhaumya patiently explained that, drinking milk which fell from the cow’s mouth was unclean and it could harmful to his health. Upamanyu promised not to do this anymore.

But Upamanyu could not control his hunger. One afternoon, while grazing the cows, he saw some fruits on a tree, and ate them up. Alas! The fruits were poisonous and consuming them rendered him blind! A terrified and blind Upamanyu, while trying to find his way back to the ashram, stumbled and fell into a deep well.

At dusk when cows returned home without Upamanyu, the Sage Dhaumya, realising something, was amiss, set out to search of him. He found Upamanyu in a well, and pulled him out. The Sage, full of compassion for Upamanyu in this dire state, taught him a mantra to invoke the twins, Ashwinikumars, who were the celestial physicians. By chanting the mantra the twin Ashwinikumars appeared and restored Upamanyu’s eye sight.

With great patience, Sage Dhaumya highlighted to Upamanyu; how his desire for food had led him to eat fruits, which were poisonous and caused his blindness and also pointed how Upamanyu could have died in the well, but for the timely rescue. The gravity of his error finally dawned upon Upamanyu and gave up overeating. He soon became fit, healthy and also intelligent and clever.

Sage Dhaumya created love for the Guru in Upamanyu’s heart, so the Guru acted as Brahma the Creator.

The Sage protected Upamanyu by his own loving advice and saved him from dying in the well, so the Guru acted as Vishnu the Protector.

Lastly, the Guru acted as Maheshwara, the destroyer of bad qualities by destroying Upamanyu’s greed and thus led him to success in his life.





Guru or teacher is the one who instils the right values in us, who guides us to the right path. One must always show respect and gratitude to their teacher.


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