Value- Love- Compassion-Serving the needy

It was February, 2009 and we were on a holiday to India. We were carrying some old used clothes for the needy children. My sister ,my grandfather  and myself  set out along with the clothes, to buy some bananas as well to donate.Once we got to the banana stall, my grandfather bought five bunches of bananas.Then we headed off towards the donation site. Once there,while my grandfather spoke to the person-in-charge, I looked around in pity and awe. The children were so poor, yet so happy. They formed a circle around us and we started handing out bananas and  clothes to them.
While doing this Seva, I felt full of joy and happiness that I could bring a smile to the children. May Swami continue to give me many more such opportunities.


Dhruv- PVP Group2- 11yr old


Serve and help those in need. There is no more joy than seeing a smile in the needy person’s face. That is true happiness. Lets do our bit to make the world a beautiful place to live.

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