Value Love-Kind act- Love towards animals

The first blog is on the human value “Love”-Kind act- Love towards animals. This is shared by the students of the value class. The below is purely their point of view

On 14th November 2012 as we were walking back home from our Sai Prayer and Moral value class, we heard a “meow” on the way. We went to investigate where the noise was coming from? Then we saw a cat trapped in a cage. We saw the cat struggling and we wanted to help the cat out of its misery.  We soon realized that someone had laid a trap for the cat. Our building guards had left these traps since they considered cats to be a nuisance. But we loved cats and decided that we are going to let it free. We didn’t know how to open the cage. Soon a kind helper was passing by and we requested her to help us open the cage and free the cat. We along with her opened the cage and let the cat free. We were so happy and felt a sense of warmth when we saw the cat happily jumping away. The cat didnt trouble anyone. We were glad that we did a good deed that day.

We are watchful from then for more such traps which will put the cats in trouble.


1. We learned to be kind and loving to animals

2. We learned to be responsible towards our surroundings

Kunal/Nandini(not our teacher), Aryan,Kimaya

(Children aged 7-11 at Premaarpan Value class)

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